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Every Door Direct Mail-Campaign

Every Door Direct Mail-Campaign




    We will accept any file for review. If your file cannot be printed, our representative will contact you with alternative options that will allow us to process your order.

    ​File Types: PDF, PSD, TIF, EPS, AI, JPG
    Canvas Size: Actual Sign Size in Inches
    Offset and Digital Print Resolution: 300dpi
    Large Format Print Resolution: 150dpi (300dpi 1/2 sign size)
    Color Space: CMYK

    ​Please flatten artwork and convert to outlines if possible. Compress large files if possible.


    Alternative Upload Options

    Files must be less than 100MB to upload to The Print Giants. If your file is larger than that, try compressing your art into a .zip file. For files that won't compress to under 100MB, try uploading your file to a file transfer/cloud storage service. Check the box under "File over 100MB?", and paste a link in the field provided. We have accepted files from Dropbox, Google DriveTM, WeTransfer, Hightail, etc. Please do not password protect your files, this will do nothing but delay the process. We will download your file & contact you with any questions.

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